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    Dear Valuable customers,

    Amco is a specialized and innovative group founded as an import trader of major dental composite and adhesive company with 40years of experience in the dental field.
    Now we are producing restorative materials such as cements, adhesives and etchant for the dentistry market. We know that dental materials and techniques are constantly developing by many scientists and clinical dentists so like all other industries, we must adapt to changing conditions in the market place. It is our aim to surpass industry standards with all our products in order to provide our customers with happy solution.
    The following pages show entire information of Amco products and we sure that they have much more.

    We are going to keep trying to identify and fill our customer’s needs, give you the information in the use of our products, and provide additional technical resources so that you can give your patients with the highest satisfaction and dental care.
    Thank you!

    Wookyoung Suh
    President of Amco, Inc.


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