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Miracles happen when you Prescribe TESCERA


The first part of the pressure and light cycle subjects the restoration to pressure only, which eliminates defects and porosity in the composite.

With new heat cycle system, it can improve physical properties and polymerization rate. Besides, you are able to easily remove the restoration from the plaster die.

Tescera 2 includes glazing mode with easy one-touch operation. The one touch button operated switch irradiates for five minutes and the LED lights flashed on in the order 1Light,-3Lights-7Lights to prevent bubble and crack of glazed surface from too much heat.

It combines two cups in a single cup. The smart base station recognizes the cup and perform the appropriate cycle. Its reliability has been verified through rigorous tests and proven parts, and also application for On-Line Error Detection and Self-diagnosis of TESCERA Ⅱ unit.

Users are getting operating information from the LCD screen.

TESCERA 2 can accommodate various voltage situations (100-253V(50-60Hz)) with the change of simple voltage connector inside of the unit.

TESCERA 2 applied 7-segment LED lights to light cure cycling and glazing. It can help improve a rate of polymerization and can be used semi-permanently.
During the heat, light and glaze cycle, two cooling fan will run at high speed. This process provides long lasting durability of the LED light.

The TESCERA Clinical cases


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